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Honesty Carries Wisdom

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As a 25 year old Philadelphia native, Alanna has seen it all... Disappointment after disappointment, setback after setback. Life for Alanna has not been the brightest, but despite it all she is determined to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Through this journey she sets out on a quest for success; to discover her purpose in life, define what love truly is, and gain a sense of compassion and forgiveness for people.

But before she can take that leap forward, she must face certain elements of her past, without exploiting herself once more and step from behind the shadows of her inner thoughts holding her back. Can Alanna see pass the pain and suffering and rise to a state of peacefulness? Will she fall victim to depression and be silenced in the "Shadows"? Or can she conquer her truth and stand tall to recognize that in all life's obstacles, Honesty Carries Wisdom...

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