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Did You Know?

Updated: Apr 22

Did you know that every time he searched your eyes, While he pushed deep- That his emotions passion and lust was equivalent to her? For every time he traced his finger tip down your spine; your hands grasped to cover more surface. Cotton. Polyester. Satin, as you braced for smooth impact. He only understood the similar love language he shared with her. With you- craving of possessive feelings, Proving your worth to him asking for time via a clock whom hands couldn’t unwind Separate. Disintegrate. A Minaj a trios- unbeknownst to you existed, Co-starring you For every soft connection within each curve... Your identity was a reflection of another. For all the things you projected Marriage. House. Dog. Children. His capability of taking you to ecstasy, Lead you here Had you any clue? This little game called life, Excluded the other woman (you). 

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