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My Daddy

Updated: Apr 22

My daddy was a woman beater!

But she didn’t care as long as he didn’t cheat her

She valued that hit.

Like it was twist of that good kush.

On some cloud nine, Heroine Ish.

After every episode,

She’d still move with such grace.

Pleading things, like

he’s just sick

He’s really a kind man.

He’s not cruel.

Just sick.

She believed so much in his lies.

Her nightly cries became uniform.

As he. . . 

Mutilated her pretty face

Leaving battle scars

Some verbal, without a trace 

Those cries became her lullabies

I remember it like it was yesterday

Until one night she stopped putting up a fight

Her lungs collasped

Causing a vein to bust

And people always said you can’t die from heart ache and mistrust

But I watched him,

as he watched the spirit from her eyes disintegrate.

He placed the peace sign

Over her eyes like it was his final goodbye


He simply smiled and said,

until next time.

Then he took a dramatic pause

Kissed her forehead , thanked her even.

I continued to watch him, conflicted and confused

I watched him kill my mother, then thank her

I saw him kill my mother.

The one who loved him like no other.

I pondered. . . Why did he thank her ?

It wasn’t until his stature blocked my light

My bulb went off!

Remember I said. . .

My daddy was a woman beater

He thanked her cause I was next

Back then was when I was 5

You can celebrate

‘Cause I just turned 3

I survived.

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©2018 by Mystkue.

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