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Updated: Apr 22

Today was a great day! A day of magnificent learning and overall just an uplifting experience. Sometimes in life we just have to give credit where credit is due. This may actually be the first time I’m saying out loud to myself literally “I’m proud of you!” Around this time, a year ago I coined a saying “progress is a process” and even when I coined it I didn’t recognize the depth of the meaning in my phrase. Today as I embarked on a journey and watched a field full of roses, each with their own set of petals to tell with their legacy. I realized where I had come from and where I was going. Even from the darkness in the mindset that I had from the evening before given my frustration, I had arrived. Here I was sparking conversations with complete strangers just to be intentional about my dream. From an idea that began with the end being a financial profit to being wealth with the knowledge that my voice changed them or gave them a platform to speak their truth. This is who I am and who I was meant to be. As I gracefully walked along the waters of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, I met some amazing individuals. All walks of life and generations. It was a humbly experience. It led me to a place where I spoke with my best friend and the one liners began to flow like waterfalls. This one stood out to me “I lust for wealth and wisdom not for fame and notoriety” ... this statement brought so much clarity to me and brought me back to the why? In this state of clarity, I can say I am indeed moved by all the lessons, support, and planted leaves of wisdom everyone has stored within me today! Thank you to those who supported, those who challenged, and those who allowed me to be impactful and inspire them. Remember your Petal your LEGACY!  


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