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When you think of the word release, what does it mean to you! All in all, in my efforts to be contained and to hold in my every waking thought and emotion have been revoked. I define release as a window of vulnerability. 

For years now, I’ve held on to the misconception of having tough skin. I always thought how could it be that I had “tough skin” if I continuously got my feelings hurt! What I’ve learned this weekend is that you have to been willing to put yourself on the edge and even sometimes jump and trust. Trust that the same vulnerability that you were afraid to let in is the same safety net that will catch you!

A lot of times we are our own worst enemy. We also stress about what people will think or say, but in actuality it is what we actually think and feel about ourselves that acts as the preventative measure. In laymen’s terms “YOU STOP YOU!” It’s not your neighbors, the colleague, family member , friend or even the stranger. It’s YOU

The inability or lack of better words FEAR to look yourself in the mirror and into the depths of your soul through your eyes and take accountability for whom you are and your experience! It’s take courage to be able to come to terms with whom you are and push through it whether you believe you will like the outcome or not! 

This weekend I decided to RELEASE in search for liberation within myself! I was at a point where I felt like I was being suffocated and not allowing myself to live freely! But this weekend, I chose me! I dug deep into the depths of my soul and looked into the mirror and affirm my Release! I contained all of the negative thoughts I had and placed them in a box, then I took a deep breath and exhaled! As I let out that breath, I released all the tension and weight I put on my mind, body, and spirit! I became in control of myself by affirming my truth through my thoughts and feelings! Love who you are and don’t second guess yourself!  

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