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Updated: Apr 22

We say our exes are our exes for a reason. Let it be lessons you learned helped you grow Why let history repeat itself in a new season? Don’t be the ex, Trying to screw over the next- ‘Cause you emotionally attached. For this clandestine will bring you to an all time low. You see. Your ex, might just hurt the next- With the revelations of y’all meetings Whether it’s the secrecy or even the frequency You must know they more inclined to make up before they break up You see you the ex And when it was y’all time, Did you both put forth the effort to try your best It’s apparent that you had break up, ‘Cause there was no more for either party to gain, if you made up. That’s why- We say our exes are our exes for a reason You’re not their scapegoat or justification for treason.

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