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Bare Soul- My Legacy

Ask yourself, do you know me?! Do you know the intricacies of what spews my emotion, what sends chills down my spine, or what causes the dimple to appear within my perfectly imperfect smile. Do you know the number of needles that have pierced my skin to heal me? Bleeding into me to create memorials of beautiful memories of people and moments that influenced me! I ask do you know me? Have you stared in my eyes, and wondered how they have become an aqueduct to my pain, trauma, and happiness? Does it appear to you that I am strong and unbothered? Or is my fragility camouflaged in the nuances of my success? If these shoes could talk, they’d say it’s never an ordinary day, but I digress! Do you know how often I’m told or treated as if I’m bothersome, or a complete mess? How I’m silenced by my surroundings yet I’m screaming? Like my life is its own anechoic chamber, yet somehow I’m still standing loudly! Did you know I’m silent in person but my real emotions shed onto the pages and memos and aren’t just apart of my imagination! This isn’t a game for me or just some shit to do! Ask yourself, did you know all that I put out for the world to view is just that




My legacy!

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