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Webster defines the word as a verb in the sense to put or set down (something or someone) in a specific place, typically unceremoniously. I find that sometimes in life we place deposits in things and in people that ultimately won’t enrich us. As I sit in write this, I think about all the deposits that have been instilled in me whether I have placed them there or others. An eery sense of humiliation dangles in my fingertips as I type because I recognized many of these deposits are weighing me down.

Deposits again whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, or even spiritual have a way of carrying the supporting role in our movie called life. Sometimes it’s there to antagonize us, possibly cause conflict, and other times it is the resource of solution.

However, we don’t take enough time to evaluate or pay close attention to the interactions that presented said deposits.

Have we asked how has it affected us, or how will it, who or what is it, where is it coming from or where has it come from, and lastly why?!

Asking those questions is important because it prevents the deposits from revealing themselves as actual withdrawals and leaving overdrafts.

Over drafting is not healthy in any sense because it leaves one depleted. How many times have you deposited whether positive or negative into someone else and you still felt alone, self-less (literally). And the deposits both past and present what have they done for you?

Moral: Ensure the deposits you input within yourself or another are not going to lead to depletion. Sometimes every deposit isn’t worth setting down hence why it’s typically unceremoniously!

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