Dear Santa, It's Global Orgasm Day!!!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Dear Santa,

Let's not front you know you like it Naughty! Well of course everyone does, but they always like to sweep their best-kept secrets under the rug! Why do you think your list is so long? Its nothing wrong with showing a little attention to your sexuality! Here's my list, Mr. Claus, now let's see if you can really bring wonder to my land!!

We are just shy of 3 days before Christmas and all I want this year is a stallion. Hmm hmm, but can you drop them off today? Just leave them on my porch, or even on the roof, that's surely a good place to mount. Why do I want a stallion you ask? Well, it's simple, see Santa here in the world of Sen•Sex•Sen, there are days we just have to celebrate. Today is one of those days, see today is #GlobalOrgasmDay!

It started in the 99' or the 2000s, as a day to promote peace! In this world, I know you can agree that is something ALL humans need! See can be sex #inclusive!!

And on this day Santa, like-minded people like I, sleigh all day. Let me elaborate. You see #sexpositivity begets confidence, and confidence makes the world go around, and it's so important to celebrate our sexiness. I bet you wanna know how we do that, huh? Well, it goes a little something like this.

First, we must sing our sexy carols... hit it!! (cues Santa Baby instrumental)

"Santa Daddy, do you love the way my trees' trimmed or not,

Does my milk and cookies, hit your spot

Santa daddy, so hurry the chimney tonight"

If you don't know that one then, you can surely sing along to this one (cues Jingle Bells)...

"Jingle Balls Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls rock

whips that swing and nipple tassels that rang

slippin' and dippin' just bushels of fun"

Once we've got our vocal cords ready, it's time to indulge in some sensuality play. We will fondle with our erogenous zones and give affirmations to those we love most. The best part, you can get creative, and do some #soloplay (because loving you first is key) or you can add a friend or three!

The purpose is that you get to #cum while you play and deck the halls with the sounds of your orgasm, because whether you believe it or not, Naughty is the new nice! An event to advocate a widespread effect on human beings!


So Santa, I ask can you grant me and all my rosebuds this wish, of bringing me a stallion, that has strong hind legs, cause I'm coming strapped and loaded on this Global Orgasm Day!

In Sen•Sex•Sen,

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