It was happenstance by which we met. I bumped into them in the frozen fruit aisle on one of the warmest days of the year. My body glistened from the mixtures of shea butter and sweat as I overestimated the number of groceries I needed and my basket was filled and overweight.

My nipples bulged through my shirt as this caramel vanilla shorty caught my attention. Her smile blinded my gaze into her eyes as I instantly questioned this intense sexual feeling I had.

“Ehh hem” he spoke from behind her as she locked eyes on my protruding nipples and I on his beard, his bulge, and her seductively licking her lips and smiling.

I broke my trance just as my panties moistened (glad I decided to wear some today). I blushed subconsciously.

“My apologies, I didn’t mean to bump into you,” I said almost whispering. Trying to hide my face as I was blushing hard.

The statuesque suntanned brunette stepped in front of the beauty. I never took my eyes off him as he reached for my basket, releasing the strain in my shoulders.

“It's cool, I’m Glen,” he said as he placed the basket inside of their cart. For a minute, he caught me off guard as I was wondering where he was going with my groceries.

The beauty proceeded to grab a bag of frozen strawberries and put the bag in her mouth. It was as if she was singing a lullaby the way she tore that bag open. I blinked twice to make sure I was catching this .. Glen softly caressed my wrist and walked me toward the cart that was now somehow anchored just right behind a pillar in the aisle.

I turned my head to focus again on the beauty, but Glen guided my chin with his fingertips to keep my eyes on him.

“What’s your name,” he whispered towering over me, making me feel instantly weak. It was almost as if his energy was sucking away my presence.

He continued to caress my hand, lifting it gently from my side and placing it on the handle of the cart.

“What’s your name,” he asked once more, this time with a slightly greater depth in his baritone whisking from the left to my right side. He swiftly caressed my wrists to my forearm, elbow, the small of my back, and down the opposite end.

“T-t-Toni,” I stuttered. I hadn’t realized he had placed me in a trance and when I blinked again both my hands had been placed onto the cart.

You are “Devine,” the words rolled of his tongue so slick that I was inevitably stuck.

My legs began to quiver as I felt this piercing sensation run down my leg, I thought I had squirted on myself from the way the liquid trickled against my skin. As the droplet, hit the floor I noticed it was red.

Now embarrassed I blinked again and Glen smiled sheepishly whispering "just relax" (I thought I know he isn’t this magical to make my period come on)

In mid-thought, I felt the same feeling again this time down my other leg and right at my tail bone. My legs were becoming weak.

And then there were more red droplets.

“Focus, on me,” Glen said as he stared at me intensely.

I felt it again but this time it was directed at my sweet spot and the shock sent my body into convulsions.

To my surprise, the Beauty was slurping the frozen strawberries up and down my skin. While Glen, kept me occupied by the sound of his voice, shorty managed to move my panties aside and slip her tongue and the frozen strawberry right inside.

As my mind pieced what was happening together, I felt beauty spread my legs as she devoured me whole.

I was straddled now behind the pillar with one leg up on the freezer ledge and gripping onto the cart handle for stability.

I blinked and Glen suddenly disappeared from my direct sight.

I could feel his presence as I reached a sensation of climax. He began to caress the small of my back while beauty tickled and nibbled on my erogenous zones.

All I could do was moan and groan.

He caressed me to the point, my upper body was fully bent over the cart filled with groceries. While Beauty still played in my honey jar. Glen guided my hands to be grasped behind my back.

“Deep breath,” he whispered once more. I obliged and inhaled.

When I exhaled, he entered my back door, already moist from beauty’s four-play endeavors. His grind was just as sensual as his touch as he proceeded to slow down!

Beauty lapped my juices, as he directed my body in angles I’d never felt before.

The two of them building me up to the biggest release, one I’d only dream I’d felt before! He slid out and in, just when beauty tongue kissed my shin.

“Siirrrrrrrrrrrr Beautyyyyyyyyyyy “ my body shook vigorously as the homecoming was ceremonious.

As I finally exhaled after I blinked my eyes.

There I was in the middle of the frozen fruit aisle next to a pillar with a bag of frozen strawberries coddled up to my skin.

A bunch of people walked past with looks of confusion, while Glen and Beauty kept on shopping for their groceries. I dropped the strawberries and the basket and walked swiftly through the aisle.

Embarrassed to say the least!

I turned and look over my shoulder and there they were hugged up... looking

Beauty seductively licking her lips and smiling, and Glen with those devious eyes, his beard, and his bulge, winked and mouthed ...

You, Toni, are Devine!

Artwork Credit: @Nymphianna

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