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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Housed on one of the busiest blocks of Philadelphia, known for its eclectic atmosphere and bound-to-see #hennything, a rustic three-story building stands on the left side midway through the block if you're facing east towards Penn's Landing on 3rd and South Streets.

As you approaching the building you are greeting with placards printed on the ground housing the companies logo and the words #playsafe. The rugged chalkboard stands with a quirky message for customers about the store's hours as well as themes or specials they have for the month.

The windows, like looking in a fishbowl filled with delicacies for all bodies who love a lil' kink with their tea or even some theatrical pazazz! The televisions in the windows, display additional information about the store as well as highlight specifics products, and celebrates #Pride!

As you walk toward the doors, you will notice the burnt orange and grey paint, superbly #steampunk vibes as you approach the front door. Again you are greeted with an energy that would make you want to dance with somebody as you cant help to subconsciously bob your head to the music blaring through the speaker system.

Still taking precautions and safety measures surrounding #covid19, the staff asks that its customers who would like to shop in-store take hand sanitizer and wear masks at all times. If you have forgotten your mask, no worries, one will be provided to you!

Welcome to the #Experience, now that you in, if it's your first time you are surely in for a wild ride! The staff as diverse as they are will give you a tour and hope you find what suits your needs. On the first floor #PassionalBoutique, you will find all things fashion! Upon entering you are surrounded by kilts of sizes with color options that suit you, adjacent to that display houses the #châteaudecorsets! Did someone say #underbusts and #overbusts galore, ranging in size, pattern, and style you can surely find one that matches your fit.

In a sleek mirror display, behind the register lies shelving of platform stilettos, buckled and studded boots, and even some #futuristic headgear. As you continue towards the middle of the store you will find yourself immersed in a tug of war between the #Lwords, #latex, and #leather. From dresses, pants, vests, bras, hotpants, you name it they sell it. There is no shame here to indulge in whoever or whatever you want to be as the staff encourages you to try on whatever you like.

As you head toward the back of the store, you can converse with your sensual side with the Language of Lingerie, which again has a variety of designs from flirtatious to dominatrix!

Because expression matters, there is a room dedicated to #genderexpression, where customers can find everything they need to show off their best selves. From #binders to #packers, #prideflags, #hankies, it is all there! If you are still exploring there is even framed signage with information and history on the hanky code!

But wait...

There's more!

Exiting that room and headed towards the front, on the right-hand side there is the #starewelltoheaven or hell! Of course, that's all on you. As you walk up the steps, it's as if you are walking into an entirely new store. When you reach the peak, for which they surely hope you do, you will find yourself standing in Pleasure Paradise or what the associates like to call #Sexploratorium.

The name if it isn't obvious is meant for you to explore sex in every facet. On the right side of the register, you will find an abundance of general #sexuality products. On one wall you will find literature, which is organized and labeled for convenience for example the harnesses and strapons section. On the other wall, cock rings, masturbation sleeves in

different lengths lie dangling on waterfall display hooks. You can have a field day feeling the #vibes that each #vibrator, #analplug, #prostatetoy, have to offer! Whether you

are looking for something for #soloplay or playing with a partner, there is something for everyone.

In the center, because it's literally the most diverse wall of them all, you will find the colorful #dildo wall! From realistic to fantasy, they have got you covered.

I hope you didn't think we were finished.

On the opposite side of the register, you can cross it, if you dare! You will find yourself in the land of KINK!

Welcome to the Dungeon!

The walls are laced with screws and hardware to exhibit rope, hooks, suspension rings, and swivel carabiners, and you guessed it of course there is variety. You have #hemp, #jute, and #posh!

In the middle, you will find the obedience bench with straps! Feel free to take a seat and relax. If you look to your right, you will see the #electroplay display. Ask a staff member to give you a demonstration, they would love to #shock you!

Headed over into the next room in the center but up against the wall, you will find an assortment of #floggers, metal, leather, and even feathered! To your left, there is #petplay! Yes, you can find a bag of tricks or even a bone to play with and #ageplay for those who fancy those fetishes, while on the other side you will find all of your tools and appliances for medical play, including #cuppingsets, #needles, and #pinwheels.

When you turn around headed back towards the front, you will see the display for #chastitybelts, urethral sounds, and #ballstretchers.

The store is a lot to digest in one visit, so the staff suggests that you visit multiple times such that you can get the full experience. If you are interested in learning, there is a place for that too. Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium offers workshops, currently online but will be returning to a hybrid format in August! Topics include Kink and BDSM 101, Intro to Rope Play, Conversations on Trans Relationships, and more! The goal is to be able to educate individuals on sexual intelligence, identity, fantasy, and relationships.

If you have made it to this point, it is time for you to escape your screen and come see what the store is all about in person! The experience is definitely well worth it. Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium are open weekly from Wednesday to Monday from 12 pm- 8 pm EST.

For shoppers who are shy or looking for a more discreet experience, we offer private appointments on Tuesdays. Customers can also visit the website at www.passionalboutique.com!

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