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Ms. KW!

There is only 1 Ms. KW

In 2007, Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama made the following statement. “From the moment our children step into the classroom, the single most important factor determining their achievement is

not the color of their skin or where they come from; it’s not who their parents are or how much money they have. It’s who their teacher is.”

I used to think that teaching was this innate thing that I just didn’t have. I watched and marveled over my educator friends and how their mere presence, commanded a classroom, how they were able to deliver content in a way that was innovative and creative. I used to think wow they are remarkably talented and special individuals. What I didn’t realize was that this innate talent was also within me. On day 27 of me instructing 7th and 8th grade I sit back and listen. I listen for the commentary that goes on amongst my scholars as they are diving into the text A Raisin in the Sun! I sit and observe as their minds shift as they try to analyze and evaluate the text such that they can understand it in their own way. I began to ponder how I can support my ESOL (English as second language) students such that they can follow along and decide to translate all the class notes and assignments into Spanish as well as try to learn basic words and phrases. I also have them listen to the story we are reading as well.

During my participation on my online class, I continue to write in my assignments that I want to be impactful and I want to teach them the skills not just to the text but so they can use them in life.

On days 26 and 27, a two colleagues told me that they valued my classroom culture and differentiation strategies as well as my use of integrating the arts for blended learning. I heard what they said but it hadn’t fully registered. As I sat and read the prologue to Elizabeth Green’s “Building a Better Teacher” I finally realized what my colleagues and students saw in me. It was even more reaffirming to check for understand of a concept I had taught in week two and my scholars eyes lit up as they riddled off the content and in sequential order.

Wow! I can’t believe that I have been teaching and creating with these students and I am seeing them begin to understand their mark on the world and their purpose. It is so invigorating and as they say there is only one Ms. KW!!!

Thank you Education and my present and future students for choosing me!


Ms. KW

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