Tale of Brush Strokes: Pricasso and Vulvinci

After lasting the final 26 minutes of the last episode of Power and four RnB songs, including Lloyd and Mary J Blige and an elongated Spotify ad, I was just about tired of sucking and slurping! They hadn't had enough yet.

The crook in my neck was beginning to make a vein on the right side of my temple bulge and then they had the nerve to take up all the space in my breathing canal (not that I'm complaining cause the penetration process would be a whole other blog post). I was gasping for air, which of course was seemingly a turn on, because the more I gasped, the more I salivated.

Guess, it's safe to say that I didn't need the aide of "#GoodHead!" But, I already knew that!

What I didn't know why was my partner got more kicks out of the angles my neck could make to reach their forbidden spot?

The forbidden spot, what is that you ask?

The #perineum, taint, or simply the #maleGspot! Now of course I could've said gooch but it's not exactly that, it a little further below.

Anyways, as I painted a massive masterpiece (definitely a modern-day Picasso, if I may say so myself) with the strokes of my tongue, I noticed every time I licked just below the scrotum with a #lapping motion toward their left cheek, there was a nerve pulse. Simultaneously, because they were excited, I naturally became lubricated.

But there was no stimulation for me! I mean besides the inner workings of my jaw. I literally spelled the ABC's forwards and backward and counted to 1000 six times and they still weren't ready to switch positions.

If you ask me "how many licks," was indefinite, the shit was never-ending! The series of unfortunate events was that the licking disabled me from being able to come up for air.

Imagine, the crook, and the vein which was once bulging now pulsating, while from the neck down you are horizontal and from the neck up you are vertical. Three words: major fucking migraine!!

Yes, I bet you're trying to picture the full 90-degree angle my neck was making just to hit that spot. But thanks to my parent for teaching me to be an #overachiever I was determined to get them to splat me like a paint puddle. I thought we were at the peak when they pushed my head even deeper.

Literally, my nose was trapped between the scrotum and the anus! (Thankfully, my partner passed the hygiene test, cause then that too would have been another post and I would not be divulging this experience).

Here down in the abyss of his taint I was charting new territory. Another notch on the "Accomplish, the kinky shit I saw on Pornhub" list. I wondered if they would assume Ananda Balasana, knees to chest pose, so I could gain access to the central nerve of the taint and really do the good deed. The technique was just a simple curl of the tongue inward coupled with a slight poking action. The pressure would be at the discretion of the canvas. If it could hold my thick and sloppy glob plethora then I would apply heavier strokes, well fuck it, I was going to do that for the hell of it.

I didn't ask though, by now the migraine I developed had now made my shoulders tense. Suddenly, they were ready to change positions. I thought I had got them to a point of forfeit, yet I suppose not.

Ha! The new position was not at all a new position (they just stood up), which still was not helpful for my neck, cause now I just lay flat on my stomach until they propped me on my knees (child's pose with a twist). I thought this is some fuckery here. My mind wandered as I tried to figure out how I could conform my neck into some geometric shape to reach their sweet spot. Of course, I couldn't figure it out, but as I write this sentence, I realized I could've turned on my back and let my head hang off the side of the bed. Damn! That would have been direct access!

Noted, for next time. Because who was I kidding-

They were way too fine and well endowed for me not to revisit them. They were indeed a work of art.

I continued painting until my bristles needed to be replenished. Now they were ready for my water coloring painting series


They rotated me like I was on an axil and turned me from the painter with a brush to a bare canvas! Have you ever been controlled by your ass cheeks being palmed?! Major turn on! Their strokes on my canvas were definitely thought out.

Imagine warm and cool colors mixing to the smooth sounds of Raheem Devaughn and Nivea. The direction of the brush going from short to long to circular, then to pulsating strokes just mixing all of our paints.

I knew that there were several coats of mixing and swirling to be done so I got prepped to showcase a preview of the splash works. Just as I prepped to absorb the paint they smeared so eloquently-

Their brush broke and my canvas was left saturated.

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