The pussy whistles!

Just like a harmonica,

And if you please it right (blow on it a little)

The outcome: waterfalls like missiles

Do you have that qualiqueef sex?

You know...

The kind where her walls stay throbbing

You done somehow became her

Master, Papi, and Daddy

So much that she insists on slobbing

An action of one meeting the standards to make her queef

She's bratty in the sheets, so she creates drama so they'd treat her concerns

Toxicity at its finest

7-9 inches making a complete circle (that good healthy girth)

The Laura to their Urkel

Veins bulging ready to tear seams

Her lips and hips succumbed to him,

With its reams

Is this an entanglement,

Do they have what it takes to make her scream?

Is she a species in Endangerment-

Or is this a COUP

to overtake the sounds the pussy makes

when the pussy whistles

as she queefs!

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