Vincit Qui Se Vincit- "She who prevails over herself is twice victorious"

Celebrating Women's Self Empowerment

It is the Year of the Woman! As we delve into the New Year and embark on our lofty goals, Mystkue would like to take a moment to give #roses to women who are inspirational in and around their community!

What other way to do that than to spotlight some dope queens and their journeys during #womenselfempowermentweek?!

Women’s self empowerment week was designed to cultivate women to reflect on their self worth, personal growth, positive influence, celebrate their impact, and hone their voice!

Collaboration over Competition- Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals

#Empowher, a term coined by Jasmine O. Dyson, CEO of the Boss Up Girl, Co. a community for women entrepreneurs and business professionals committed to showing up excellent in every area of their lives.

When I first heard this, I thought “wow, what a way to put a spin on a term most have used or have experienced all their lives.”

Empowher, an event geared to salute all things #Womanhood! Networking and Fellowship at its finest where no topic is off limits: from business and branding to mental health and relationships. Just like the event, Ms. Dyson’s personality is spunky, chic, fun, and I can’t forget to mention loyal! Jasmine, is the individual whether personally or professionally that you need in your corner as an accountability partner, friend, and sister!!

"It our duty to link arms and empower each other to win!"

-Jasmine O. Dyson

When asked to reflect on an important women in her life, Jasmine spoke about strategy partner, Tiana Patrice.

“As far as my entrepreneurial journey, my relationship with Tiana has evolved since our initial collaboration in 2016. Through our journey we have been able to grow and push each other to new heights. I often speak about the importance of strategic partnerships in business and how those relationships can help you build your impact but also those who you wish to serve and influence. I believe that women are the driving force behind the nations economy, yet we are still underrepresented in positions of power and access to resources. So within my partnership with Tiana and our shared struggles, it is important that through our platforms we must make it our duty to link arms and empower each other to win!"

Positive Influence through Perseverance- Showing Up for Yourself in Others

In taking time to reflect on motivation in strides to reach your #personalbest, our next rose goes to Tiara Swain.

The Philadelphia native has soared in her career and is forever practicing positivity. She embodies honesty, courage, and optimism through both her professional and personal life. The CEO of Swain Solutions, a professional consulting firm that specializes in business and career development for driven business and motivated professionals. Tiara is a master at fostering relationships and showing up for not only herself but others too! To know Tiara is to love her, her spirit is kind and she truly embodies the motto "she believed she could so she did!"

"It’s worth investing your time and energy to establish these long lasting partnerships and relationships with other others."

-Tiara Swain

In awe of her many abilities, I probed her brain on how she juggles it all.

"Patience is the foundation of my perseverance. Whether it’s personal or professional, patience impacts my influence. It correlates to smarter decisions, detailed work, reduces stresses, and reminds me of what I can control, if not, I give it to God.

Everyone has a Voice- Unpacking the Messaging Behind It

No one can speak truth, better than those who have shared the same experiences or similar ones. This thought is the building block for the idea that your voice matters. As you think about your journey, how often do you consider how your growth has impacted others?

Literary powerhouse Tamika Newhouse, Author and CEO of African Americans On the Move Book Club, Inc., and organization that seeks to advocate for literary arts, literacy, and bridging the gap for black writers and opportunities is the recipient of our next rose.

"Women, especially the black creative, have unique voices and they are special because they are the pillars to the Birth of our Nation."

-Tamika Newhouse

The embodiment of self empowerment is to be able to acknowledge and stand with others who uplift, challenge, and motivate you to be better than your most present self. Tamika has done so in her 17 novels, as she uses her characters to speak to the experiences that resonate with being a women. Not only that she has honed her voice, cultivated, and supported others along the way including yours truly.

On the subject of empowering others and how it has built up her personal worth, Tamika's response exuded humility, one of the key qualities of an influencer.

"I never intend to empower, inspire, or push a certain emotion to the fore front. I simply just try to lead by example. I express my logic and beliefs and I create platforms that I feel resonate with my goals and what I would want and then I share it with people. When I see the benefits of what I put together manifest and create opportunities for other people, thats what pushes me to keep going. My blessings are always reciprocated tenfold!"

Your Petal is Your Legacy!- Focusing on Personal Growth

I would be remiss to write about women's self empowerment without giving a rose to myself. Mystkue, CEO of Mystkue Publications, LLC seeks to integrate the art modalities of creative movement, music, poetry, visual arts, drama, and storytelling to explore sexuality and gender expression through Sen•Sex•Sen practices

"The only way you fail is to not try in the first place. Live in your truth and thrive in your learning curves."


Over the course of the last four years, I have grown tremendously and I often bask in my abilities and reflect on where I am versus where I started. Throughout this journey, I've come to learn that it is important to be present in the NOW!

As a forward thinker, it is one of the biggest challenges because I often am enamored by the process of my next achievement and miss the little blessings. There was a time when I was just a dreamer, but as I write this and many other blogs to come, I am transitioning into a doer.

Personal Growth is one of those things that is ever changing because it is reflective of the individual, however it should be cherished. Give yourself the applause that you deserve and remind yourself of accomplishments in the moments when you are in transition and need encouragement.

As we celebrate the tokens of wisdom from these queens, I ask that you all as rosebuds challenge yourself in this upcoming year. Be open to

investing in not only yourself but in Others. Strive to perpetuate positivity. Speak your truth and let your voice be heard, the message is at the ear of the beholder, and finally after you have gone through the process be sure to celebrate the beginning and end points!

happy Women’s Self- Empowerment Week!

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