About Mystkue


Mystkue, pronounced mystique, just as the name defines, power and mystery is exuded in her tone and overall aura. She is a Sexuality Arts Educator, Poet, and Author who is strong confident and downright authentic. The curator of "Your Petal is Your Legacy," which motivates individuals to put their best foot forward and leave behind something great.


Author of Honesty Carries Wisdom, Lust, Love, and Lost: A Poetic Dissertation, Deviant Dreams, and Epiphany (An Erotic E.P), Mystkue embodies the interpersonal aspects of sexuality within the light of self love, body affirmation, and self growth in her artistic works.

She coined the term Sen•Sex•Sen in culmination of the aspects in the nature of sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment for which she believes are essential to ones self love, self growth, and respect!


Through her workshops, she seeks to integrate the art modalities of visual art, dance, drama (theatre), poetry, and musical to accentuate the connection between art and sexuality!

Deviant Dreams


When dreams become a reality, it can be a nightmare. 

Kayla Henderson is an aspiring relationship counselor with no love of her own in sight. Hassan Abdullah is stuck in a loveless marriage with his wife, Beverly. When daytime reality and nighttime fantasy collide, dreams can turn into nightmares. Who knows better, the heart or the mind? When its all deviant, can love survive secrets, scandal, and lust?


SenSexSen Apparel

The SenSexSen Apparel is a body-affirming, fat liberating, sensual yet seductive, educational apparel line. It is geared to promote Inclusive messaging about sexual health, personal growth, and self-care for all bodies.




Epiphany is the rhythm and beat that explores the physiological mindset one is confronted by when addressing societal issues such as sexuality, social injustices, navigating relationships, and learning the art of communication and compromise.