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Mystkue, pronounced mystique, just as the name defines, power and mystery is exuded in her tone and overall aura of the up and coming author. A native of Philadelphia, Mystkue began her journey of writing odes to love and sensual romance stories at the age of 14. Her characters portray such in-depth intrapersonal relationships with themselves that they connect their experiences with each and every one of her readers. Honesty  Carries Wisdom is Mystkue's first published novel that takes you on a whirlwind course in life about the power of self-love, knowledge, and the determination to succeed against the odds. 

Mystkue seeks to integrate the art modalities of creative movement, music, poetry, visual arts, drama, and storytelling to explore sexuality and gender expression through sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment (Sen•Sex•Sen) practices.

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Deviant Dreams

When dreams become a reality, it can be a nightmare. 

Kayla Henderson is an aspiring relationship counselor with no love of her own in sight. Hassan Abdullah is stuck in a loveless marriage with his wife, Beverly. When daytime reality and nighttime fantasy collide, dreams can turn into nightmares. Who knows better, the heart or the mind? When its all deviant, can love survive secrets, scandal, and lust?


Lust, Love, & Loss: A Poetic Dissertation

I am extremely proud and honored to share my latest page turner with you, Lust, Love, & Loss! Lust, Love, Loss is a poetic dissertation all about the art of human interaction. No matter whether the connection is platonic, romantic, or family oriented at some point in time in the interaction, the individual or individuals will experience some component Lust, Love or Loss. Within the composition, I invite readers into the creative process as well as share intimate thoughts, reactions, and ask probing questions to them to spark their inner poet.

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