About Mystkue


Mystkue Woods, M.ED (she/her) is a sexuality educator and consultant. She specializes in integrating expressive art modalities to enhance programming that promotes diversity and inclusion through her organization Mystkue Publications, L.L.C.


With a background in curriculum development, program management, nonprofit management, youth development, and arts administration, Mystkue strives to promote healthy sexual mindsets and practices through the arts.


With three books published, Mystkue is also an author and poet. As a full-time Ph.D. student, she now focuses her time on teaching and advocating positive sexual attitudes specifically for youth through non-profit organizations.


She coined the term Sen•Sex•Sen as a culmination of the aspects in the nature of sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment which she believes are essential to one's self-love, self-growth, and respect!

Mystkue Publications, LLC

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Mystkue Publications, LLC is a full-service organization based in Philadelphia, PA that educates, empowers, and influences sex-positive mindsets for all using art modalities. The organization offers arts-integrated comprehensive sexual health workshops, body affirming, motivational apparel, and resources for underserved communities.


SenSexSen Apparel

The SenSexSen Apparel is a body-affirming, fat liberating, sensual yet seductive, educational apparel line. It is geared to promote Inclusive messaging about sexual health, personal growth, and self-care for all bodies.


"It's Funny how Sex can Change the Situation"


This curriculum is geared for individuals aging from 12- 25 years of age who are experiencing self development to include comprehensive sexual health topics such as Safer Sex, Consent, Body Image, Healthy Communication and Boundaries through an arts integrated lens. The main purpose is to promote healthy sexual mindsets through the arts.